Saturday, October 27, 2007

This Week's HOT TIP : New York Best Rated Movres

This Week's HOT TIP :

Choose the moving option that's right for you:
If you're on your own and moving a small truckload across town, it might be an easy decision to grab a couple of good friends, find a truck, and move yourself. Or maybe you're a five-person household in a four-bedroom home. If your company is transferring you to another city and paying for the move, it's probably just as easy a decision to let the professional movers handle it.
Well moving day is almost here, and you can't stuff everything in the back of your car. Whether you are moving yourself, buying off your old college buddies with a case of beer, or bringing in the best national moving company around, you are going to need moving boxes. Lots of boxes. So either head over to the super store at 3:00 AM and beg the loading dock guys for boxes, or check out the links below for some of the best online moving box providers around. Shop and compare, look at everybody's prices and then pick the best.
How are boxes measured?Boxes are always measured Length x Width x Height and always in inches.Are a box's dimensions inside dimensions or the outside dimensions?Boxes are measured according to their inside dimensions. That means that I a box is 16 x 12 x 12", you are able to fit an item that is 16 x 12 x 12" inside that box.What does 200# or 32 ECT mean?Both of those are measurements of boxes strength. 200# means that is takes 200 pounds of pressure applied to a square inch area in order to puncture the carton. 32 ECT means that it would take 32 pound of pressure on an edge of the box to bend it’s side.How is Bubble Wrap and Foam Wrap measured?Both wraps are measured by 3 dimensions:First, the size or height of the bubble or of the foam (½”, 5/16", or 3/16")Second, the width of the rollThird, is the length of the roll
Good luck with your move.
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