Thursday, October 18, 2007

Honest New York Movers ? Remarkable Movers

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Remarkable Movers operates a 20,000 sq ft climate controlled storage facility that is sure to meet all your storage needs, from a single piece of valued furniture to an entire house. Special attention is paid to fragile items, heirlooms and antiques to ensure safe storage and damage protection. We've also done storage of musical equipment for Famous Singers . Here's a full list of our services. Moving Estimates We suggest and will provide to all of our clients at their request a free estimate of what it will cost to move your belongings for a local move or a relocation out of state. Packing Supplies We offer a full and complete line of packing supplies like bubble wrap , tape and packing paper to wrap and protect anything in your home from the most fragile and expensive china, mirrors, glass tops, glass shelves and paintings to boxes for your childrens favorite stuffed animals , toys and everything in between. These are the most used box sizes. We suggest using these sizes because they all stack together evenly when packed into the truck for delivery and it's important they fit together nicely so they dont move around during transport.
Box Sizes
1.5 cube (small)
Used for books, CDs, DVDs & records
3.1 cube (medium)
Used for linens, lampshades, countertop appliances.
4.5 cube (Large)
Used for shoes, pots & pans, tupperware.
5.2 cube (Dish Pack )
Used for china, ceramic dish sets, glasses, mugs
6.1 cube (X-large )
Used for children's toys, linens, odd shaped stuff
Clothing Wardrobes
Used for upright transport of nice clothing Packing Services Remarkable Movers can have a packing team come to your home or business and pack from one room or office to an entire house or business contents. We offer many different packing options to fit your needs. Household/Business: Local Relocation Local moves for the contents of your home, office, condo or apartment are priced out by the hour, with a 4 hour minimum. Origin and destination must be within 60 miles from each other. Work time starts at your door when we arrive. Our moving team blanket wraps all of your furniture with large protective moving pads (to decrease the possibility of dings, chips, and scratches during the process of your move). We load your contents onto our moving trucks, still on the same time. We travel to your new destination and unload when all of your contents are in place and assembled time ends. This time from start to finish, plus a travel time fee, is applied depending on your area (it's a fixed amount of time to get us to your door at origin and back from the finish of the job to our warehouse ). ** If you have a single piece or small exact list to be moved, under certain circumstances Remarkable Movers could provide the Best price.

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