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AMSA Certified Mover Program
October 01st 2007 Posted to NYC Movers, Planning Your Move
The AMSA Certified Mover Program® is a registered trademark that designates professional movers who have agreed to follow an industry Code Of Conduct by performing quality moves and responding to customer complaints in a timely and ethical manner.

The program is made up of an elite group of 100 movers who have voluntarily agreed to participate by committing to provide their customers with efficient and reliable interstate household goods transportation and storage, a professional level of service, and prompt complaint handling and dispute resolution (arbitration).

AMSA Certified Movers have agreed to provide complete disclosure of moving information, written estimates of charges, timely service, and prompt response to claims and complaints from their customers. Movers who do not respond to complaints or who fail to meet the other requirements of the program are removed from our web site, and if they fail to improve their performance, removed from the program entirely.

The two different types of movers that participate in the program operate differently but follow the same Code of Conduct. "Certified Movers" are regional or national carriers that operate independently under their own interstate operating authority. "Certified Van Lines" are national and international carriers that operate through a network of agents located across the country - each agent is certified by virtue of its affiliation with their Certified Van Line.

Lucky Mover, New York’s Most Trusted Moving Company, is proud to hold the AMSA designation. For more information, contact Lucky Mover by email,, or calling their toll free number, 1-800-311-9850.


September 30, 2007
The ABCs of Moving Terminology
September 30th 2007 Posted to Planning Your Move, Moving Tips
Here are a just a few of the terms that you may come across in the process of planning your move.

Accessorial (Additional) Services: Services such as packing, appliance servicing, or unpacking, that you request to be performed (which may be necessary due to landlord requirements or other special circumstances). Charges for these services are in addition to the line-haul transportation charges.

Advanced Charges: Fees for services not performed by the mover but by a third party (such as a professional craftsman) at your request. The mover pays for these services and adds to your Bill of Lading charges.

Bill of Lading: The receipt for your goods and the contract for their transportation. If you do not agree with an item on the Bill of Lading, DO NOT SIGN until you are satisfied that everything is correct. It is your responsibility to understand the Bill of Lading before you sign it. The Bill of Lading is an important document. Make sure you keep with your important papers. To be safe, make a second copy for your files.

Check out NYC Mover’s website,, to learn more important terms and your rights and responsibilities when moving.


September 29, 2007
Moving Your DVD/CD Player
September 29th 2007 Posted to Electronics
Here are a few tips to tips to insure your DVD/CD player arrives safely to your destination without mechanical failure or damage due to physical shock which can occur during transport:

First, if your DVD/CD player is covered by any warranties, contact the issuer of the warranties (i.e manufacturer) for special instructions prior to packing and moving. Special handling may be required and/or certain conditions may exist in order to preserve your warranties.

Remove all DVDs/CDs from the player prior to packing.Place all DVDs/CDs back in their cases.Take a picture, video, or draw a diagram of the wiring before disconnecting the system if you do not have the owner’s manual. Put all wiring and hardware in Ziploc bags and place in the box with the player.

Tighten the transport screw (if applicable) under the unit.

Remove any stacker or multi-play cartridges prior to packing. Wrap individually.

Close and secure all trays.

Remote control(s) should be wrapped separately from the DVD/CD player but packed in the same box with the player. If the player is going to sit in storage for awhile after the move, remove the batteries from the remote control.

Of course the best way to move your DVD/CD player is in the original box with the original packing. Chances are you won’t have the original packaging so make sure you use a box big enough to cover the entire unit with enough room for packing material. The packing material should fill all excess room in the box so that the unit will remain stable and not move around. Plastic bubble sheets work the best. Avoid using newspaper and seal the box with sturdy packing tape.

New York Moving Company can provide you with all of your packing supply needs. Contact them directly by calling 1-800-311-9850 or email,,for assistance in determining your specific needs.


September 28, 2007
Changing Schools
September 28th 2007 Posted to Long Distance Moving
Does your move out of state include moving a teenager during their junior or senior year of high school? If so, check the new school’s (or district’s) requirements for graduation as soon as you know you will be moving to that area. Some credits may not transfer or there may be different requirements. A friend of mine had to move their daughter at the end of her junior year (Bummer! At least she got a new car to ease the pain). The new school required students to take and pass a state history class (for their state of course!) in order to graduate. Luckily she was able to take the class via correspondence before the move to New York.


September 27, 2007
Checklist For Moving
September 27th 2007 Posted to Planning Your Move
You will need to create an inventory checklist/spreadsheet for each room prior to packing. To get ahead start check out New York Moving Company’s Checklist for Moving. All of the basics, and then some, are already listed. This will save you time and take out some of the guess work.


September 26, 2007
What Goes Where
September 26th 2007 Posted to Moving Supplies
Want to make sure kitchen items are not put in the master bedroom or your little princess’s room doesn’t ends up in the garage. Then help the NYC Movers by designating a design or color for each room. Apply stickers of the color or design on the boxes that coordinate with a matching sticker on the door to each room. Make sure you put it on all four sides of the box and that it will not come off easily. Got kids? Let them help by picking the design or color for their room. A pink crown for the little princess or a football for the sports enthusiast!


September 24, 2007
Moving Your Large Screen TV
September 24th 2007 Posted to Electronics
To ensure your large screen HD TV gets to its destination in mint condition in time for the big game, make sure you contact the manufacturer or place of purchase for any special handling instructions prior to moving. Check out NYC Movers web-site,, for a complete list of moving safety tips and guidance in packing these special items.


September 23, 2007
It was very cheap…
September 23rd 2007 Posted to Testimonies
July 25, 2007 10:55 AM PST

Three years ago, the New York Movers guys came and helped me out - they were so fast and careful! They made moving so easy - and it was very cheap. This year I moved again, and without reservation called the guys. From the initial call to the confirmation, everything went so beautifully. The moving guys called me the day of my move, about an hour before they arrived. It literally took 40 minutes to move an entire one-bedroom apt into the truck. The team I had was very quiet, light on their feet (did I get the dancers this time?). When we got there, it took longer because we had to deal with an elevator and spiral staircase. I was a little worried, but again, I don’t know how they do it - they are what they say, "very gentle", and extremely quiet. It ended up taking two hours. I recommend these guys.

Good Job Guys…This is the Mover to Use
September 23rd 2007 Posted to Testimonies
10/19/2006 Posted by suzanbigs

I spoke directly with the co-owner for scheduling. The movers showed up on time, moved everything efficiently, read the boxes, put everything in its proper room, set up the beds, and even connected our appliances. They did not stop until the job was done. They made moving easy.

Response from this business
Sharone, co owner for scheduling the cheapest movers
Posted on 10/25/2006
the pleasure is mine , Stephanie our movers are trained to do the best to make any moves to be a success , very honest and pro gentlemen , we will always be there to help your future move to be our concern, Sharone, from the cheapest movers, thank you .

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