Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Manhattan Movers ? New York Best Rated Movers

The furniture arrived when I expected and with absolutely no damage!
cheme r. says:
Manhattan Movers Inc . handled my move perfectly: - their friendly and knowledgeable staff answered all of my millions of questions, took the time to go over and numerously update my list of items to be moved (I was trying to figure out what to keep and what to sell), and provided me with a detailed estimate explaining all of the charges that could possible apply - their crew arrived on time as scheduled and handled all of my furniture with diligent and expert care, while treating me, as professionals would, with respect and courtesy - they were readily available whenever I had a question or wanted to check the status of my move - the final cost of the move not only did not exceed the initial estimate, but actually came in a few dollars less than first quoted! – The furniture arrived when I expected and with absolutely no damage! Now if this is not an excellent moving company, I don't know what

This is great service at its best.
David M. says:
I have had horrific experiences with moving companies in the past and was really hesitant in calling another one. I took a chance and called Manhattan Movers Inc. and I honestly am so happy that I did. Everything went smoothly from calling up to get an estimate to the actual move. The owner was so friendly and the workers were so professional. Even though one worker was clumsy and broke my wife's vase, Manhattan Movers Inc. did everything they could to repay me for that, they were truly sorry and even deducted from the bill. They really care about their customers, and the total bill did not exceed the quoted amount, unlike what other moving companies have done to me. I could not have asked for more in a moving company, this is great service at its best.

Many thanks to everyone involved
xox r. says:
From start to finish (initial phone contact, estimate appointment and written follow up/delivery of estimate, actual move, including our household goods in storage , as well as clearing our previous residence), We rate our experience with Manhattan Movers Inc. as very positive. All the employees involved with our move, Mike for the estimate, and Sam, James, and Arthur for moving were professional, courteous & friendly. All knew their jobs and performed them most capably. The estimate was competitive and fair and our final cost was not over the quoted amount. We will not hesitate to recommend Manhattan Movers Inc. to anyone who asks. Many thanks to everyone involved. The team worked together like a well-oiled machine.

No hidden cost
Vin V. says:
I've moved several times in the past, most of the time with different companies but I just had the best move of my life last week with Manhattan Movers Inc. Mike gave us a guaranteed price over the phone and helped us plan our move. Soon their local dispatch called us and confirmed the job and went over the details. He also seemed very polite and professional and assured us everything is going as it planned and the movers will come tomorrow @ 9 am. Not only did they show up on time but they packed nearly our entire apartment. Shortly after arriving Sam the foreman provided us with detailed information about the day and they started to work right away. Thank god they came with extra boxes and moving supplies and actually that we didn't even realize we will be needed! The packing obviously took much longer but once we arrived at our house they unpacked us in record time and even helped us to reassemble our furniture. This was a painless move and really had a great time with the movers.

Look no further, this is the company!!
Dominic D. says:
I was referred to Manhattan Movers Inc. by my brother-in-law and decided to give it a try, being a little hesitant because of all the scam stories you hear about when you mention a moving company, and will never regret trying it out! My estimate was exactly what the bill came out to, there were no hidden fees, the crew was on time, friendly, fast, reliable, and professional. They packed all of my belongings with care and the whole move from Queens to LI, was completed in less than 3 hrs! Look no further, this is the company to put all your money towards, and you’ll have a great, affordable, and fast move! Try it out and you’ll also be referring it to other people. I want to thank Manhattan Movers Inc. for their great service.

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