Sunday, January 27, 2008

TheBEst New York Honest MOVERS

New York Best MOVERS is one of the largest residential/commercial relocation companies in the Metropolitan area. All ourMOVERS are young, fully trained, well educated professionals. They are instructed to give you their completeattention and full corporations. Our vast fleet of trucks and trailers and our professional staff can accommodate your every moving need small or large near or far.Our experienced foreman will plan and coordinate your MOVE where computers and high-tech equipment areinvolved. Thanks to New York Best MOVERS special coding system, we can assure proper placement of your shipment and anexpedient recovery for safe delivery.Our prices are extremely competitive for any size MOVE, whether you are moving locally or interstate.
Your Local MoveEach MOVE is special, with unique elements and requirements. New York Best MOVERS considers each MOVE differently, factoring dates, times, elevators, and stairs into the final plan. The following basic services can be done singly, or in combination. This is an example of a typical full-service MOVE:
Scheduling your move will be priced and scheduled either in person with an on-site estimate or made by New York Best MOVERS Relocation Consultant, by phone, faxes, or e-mail. Inventory a list of all items to be moved will be made for your convenience.
A local MOVE, in most cases, is a MOVE done from city to city within a state or in a 50-mile radius.All local MOVES are regulated by your state's Department of Transportation (DOT). The industry standard to figure the charges by the man power and by the weight and time. At New York Best MOVERS we are given an industry-regulated protection of 30 cents per pound per article FREE
With New York Best MOVERS you’ll get MOVERS that arrive on time, work hard, and act courteously. With New York Best MOVERS you’ll get customer service that can help you along with your problems, questions, and concerns. With New York Best MOVERS you’ll get a satisfying moving experience. New York, NY MOVING Companies.
Don’t be like the fools who choose the wrong MOVING Company only to find themselves worrying and scrounging for answers once their MOVE is over. Be the smart one; the one that uses New York Best MOVERS finding yourself happy and fulfilled.
New York Best Rate MOVERS in Google - Toll Free 800-311-9850 – 718-627-9292

Now that you know a bit more about us, give us a call. If you’re still in doubt, click on a few more pages and learn more about us — you’ll be glad you did.
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New York Best Rate MOVERS in Google - Toll Free 800-311-9850 – 718-627-9292


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