Monday, January 14, 2008

How to Make a Little Extra Dought To Help With Expenses Part II

How To Make A Little Extra Dough To Help With Expenses Part II
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Ever wonder what type of bargains (treasures) people most often seek out at these events. Well, here is a list of those items most sought after:
Exercise equipment: That equipment that was purchased with good intentions (like the gym membership!) is now probably serving as a clothes rack.We had a stair stepper that served that purpose for several years until my sister took it to use it for what it was intended for. Several years later she took all her clothes off of it and sold it.
Books and records (remember those):These are the single most popular item. Collectors constantly shop garage sales looking for rare finds. Make sure you mention in your ad that you have records!
Furniture: Handy Dan’s love to find pieces that can buy as a “fixer upper.”
Gardening tools:Older well cared for equipment is virtually indestructible. Especially large tools like shovels.
Lamps: Lamps are a garage sale biggie. It is easy to replace a shade and have a unique piece. Alot of people think an old lamp that needs to be rewired is worthless.Doesn’t take much to rewire and Woala.
Planters and vases:The look may not work for you anymore but it will for someone else. These go quickly!
Toys/games: Always popular, especially the older ones.
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