Monday, January 14, 2008

Single Ladies Moving Safely Part II

D-Day has arrived!Below are a few suggestions to help you have a safe moving day:
* Don’t let your new neighbors know you are moving in alone. They will figure it out soon enough you are single.As state in yesterday’s tips, have someone there with you when the moving truck arrives.
* Ask a trusted friend or relative to guard the moving truck while you, or the mover, are unloading items to your new home. Ask your realtor for assistance in providing a recommendation if you do not know of someone.
* Lock the truck while you are unloading if you aren’t going to be right back! Don’t forget to lock the house between trips to and from the truck if you plan to be outside of the house for any length of time. You never know who is watching.Things can happen to your belongings even in the best of neighborhoods.
* Place valuables in a safe deposit box until you get settled. This includes your silver, jewelry, etc.
* HIDE your purse!If in the car, make sure it is not visible.Keep your id and credit cards separate from your purse and hide them in a different location (even if in your car.).
* Boxes should be labeled based on the room they should go into, not by content. Labeling by content gives away what is inside.
Let’s continue tomorrow for more safety tips for Single Ladies. Check out the Lucky Mover website ( for more tips and suggestions on packing and moving. New York Lucky Mover & Storage, Inc. is New York City’s most reliable and reputable moving and storage company with over 36 years of experience in the moving industry.

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