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Single Ladies Moving Safely Part I

Single Ladies Moving Safely Part I
November 23rd 2007 Posted to NYC Movers, Moving Tips
There is something to be said for safety in numbers.This can be applied to moving.However, times are changing and more and more single ladies find themselves moving each year for a variety of reasons. Single ladies are far more vulnerable as a target to burglaries and crimes far worse either during or after the move. Planning ahead and following the precautions listed below can ensure you and your belongings have an uneventful and safe move.
Prior to moving
*Don’t tell the world you are moving!Limit who you tell to a few good friends.Take them into your confidence and tell them you would like to keep a secret for safety reasons. Do not let anyone know you are moving alone!
*Try to avoid having packages or mail sent to the new address until you moved in and settled into your new location. If the move is job related, have your mail sent to your office.If this is not possible, get a PO Box for a few months.
*If you have a landlord, tell them not to give out your forwarding address.Most landlords these days will not give out this information due to potential liability issues, however, best to be safe and make sure.
*Hire professional movers! If you are unsure about a moving agency, you can check their reputation through the local Better Business Bureau.
*See if a friend or relative can come stay with you for a few days (until the truck is unloaded and utilities are turned on).Did you buy your home through a realtor?If so, they are usually happy to be of assistance the day your belongings arrive. They are great for helping you to get to know your neighbors and neighborhood, as well.
Let’s continue tomorrow for more safety tips for Single Ladies. Check out the Lucky Mover website ( for more tips and suggestions on packing and moving. New York Lucky Mover & Storage, Inc. is New York City’s most reliable and reputable moving and storage company with over 36 years of experience in the moving industry.

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