Monday, January 14, 2008

Need a Little Extra Dought To Help With Expenses

Need A Little Extra Dough To Help With Expenses
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Moving often means getting rid of a bunch of junk, I mean stuff, that you have accumulated over the years. There is nothing like having a garage sale to help make a little extra money and get rid of stuff at the same time. Kind of like killing two birds with one stone. To keep your sanity and to have a successful sale at the same time, keep in mind the following “advice”:
People go to garage sales for bargains. This isn’t Ebay! Ask yourself what you would honestly pay for the item at a garage sale. You may think it is worth $5 but chances are most people won’t pay more than 50 cents for it. Keep pricing simple. If you have alot of items you are selling for the same price. Put in a box or separate table together.
Hit the bank the day before and get lots of $1 and change. Beware of counterfeit bills. Overall people are honest but you would be surprised what gets passed on to the unsuspecting. You can purchase a counterfeiting pen at any office shop to mark the bills you receive. Make it a rule not to give more than $5 or $10 in change and post a sign saying so.You do not want to take a $50 bill for a $1 item.
Be prepared to haggle, especially towards the end of the day. Before you say no, ask yourself do you want to move this back in or haul it to the dump. Forget your pride if you find an offer insulting. Again, would you rather have a few bucks or spend more moving it back into the garage or hauling it to the dump.
Find out who your true friends are. Ask a few to assist your during the sale. Do in shifts so as to not monopolize their time. Have drinks (the adult type if you know what I mean) and food a plenty.
Remember what is junk to you is another man’s treasure. Boy oh boy, do I have a great deal of another man’s treasure in my house!
Let’s continue tomorrow by looking at what are the most popular “treasures”to be found at a garage sale. Check out the Lucky Mover website ( for more tips and suggestions on moving. New York Lucky Mover & Storage, Inc. is New York City’s most reliable and reputable moving and storage company with over 36 years of experience in the Moving industry.

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