Monday, January 14, 2008

Single Ladies Moving Safely Part III

NYC Movers, Moving Tips
Now that you have moved in and getting settled, here are few final precautions to take to stay safe:
* If there is not already a security system installed, GET ONE ASAP.If your new digs already have one, follow-up with the current security system.If you are not comfortable with them, change immediately.
* Change all of your locks immediately. Ask your realtor for a trusted locksmith.My realtor met with the locksmith and had all of my locks changed the morning I arrived.
* Check all other possible entrances, such as windows or sliding glass doors, to make sure safety precautions are taken.
* If you do not have window treatment, get some type of covering up asap.You do not need to invite any peeping toms.
* Invite a friend (or friends) over when service people are scheduled so you aren’t alone. Never, ever tell a service person you live by yourself even though the service may be in your name only.
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