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Residential Moving NYC Services Insurance
Probably the most frequently asked question is “If I hire a good, reputable moving company like New York Movers why do I need insurance?” The answer is, for the same reason excellent drivers still need to have car insurance – because regardless of how careful you are, the possibility of damage still exists.

The following options are available on the move day for shipments valued up to $50,000.00. In the event your shipment is valued above $50,000.00 and/or contains artwork/items of extraordinary value/items individually valued at more than $5,000.00, please advise your project manager (see option 3 below). You will need a separate application for full replacement value coverage. This coverage needs to be obtained prior to the actual move day. If you have a homeowner or renters policy, your goods may be covered while being moved, however, please check with your agent or carrier prior to the move.

Option 1: $ .30 (thirty cents) per pound per article valuation.
This is provided by New York Movers at no cost to the customer. In the event of loss or damage, the total amount you will be entitled to recover is $.30 per pound per article. For example, if a lamp that weighs ten (10) pound is damaged, the most you can recover is $3.00, regardless of the value of the lamp. This ordinarily does not provide protection for your goods. Written Binding Estimates provide $.60 per pound per article valuation.

Option 2: Additional Valuation
If you wish to be paid depreciated value for lost or damaged items, you must declare a lump sum value for the entire shipment and pay an extra charge (50 cents per $100 valuation) depending on the value of declaration. For example, if the entire shipment is valued at $6,000.00, the additional cost would be $30.

Option 3: Full Replacement Value Insurance
We recommend two insurance companies that offer full replacement value moving insurance direct to the shipper. Baker International and Moving Full replacement coverage is more comprehensive coverage than valuation, and generally offers more options (deductible levels, higher coverage). This coverage option is a bit more involved, and needs to be obtained prior to the actual move day.

Certificate of Insurance
New York Movers maintains in excess of five million dollars worth of General Liability insurance, as well as required Disability and Worker's Compensation insurance coverage. Nearly every residential building with an elevator will require insurance certificates prior to any work performed on the premises. The amount of insurance a company carries is an important factor when choosing a mover; should your current or future building require more than the mover is covered for, the building will not allow them to work in the building. We maintain a substantial amount of insurance for our client's peace of mind.

Don't forget - moving is the best time to think about homeowner's, apartment renter's, office content and loss of business insurance. This type of coverage will protect your belongings after you move into your new space against the unthinkable - things like fire and theft. This coverage is generally not nearly as expensive as you may think, and is normally very comprehensive. If you are not already insured and do not utilize an insurance broker, we can introduce you to a few reliable professionals that can help you determine your needs, and obtain the coverage to best suit those needs.

Be Safe, Secure and Insured

Be Safe, Secure and Insured

It’s our commitment to customer satisfaction that makes New York Movers the “New York Best Movers”. After all, there’s no place like home!

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