Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BIG SAVING Moving: New York CHEAP Moving Company

Residential Moving NYC Services

New York Best Rated Moving Company in New York City

Does your building require a “certificate of insurance”?
Don’t worry – there is no charge to the client for the certificate of insurance and New York Movers is insured for up to $10,000,000, allowing us access to every residential building in Manhattan. Evidence of Workers Compensation and Disability cover is as well available should the building require it. Additional coverage for your belongings is available upon request.

Getting ready to move by yourself?
New York Movers offers a wide variety of boxes, supplies and packing materials for sale online (Visit our Moving Supplies Store), by phone or at one of our convenient retail locations (View Our Retail Locations). Place an order and we will deliver it the same day to your home or office for free*. Our New York Movers also come equipped with a wide variety of boxes and packing materials on the truck, including wardrobe boxes, so you can pack last-minute items right before it goes into the truck on the day of the move.
All goods are wrapped and protected before being removed from your home.
Our employees are trained professionals that take great pride in their work, and will take the utmost care when handling your belongings.

New York Movers provides a wide range of Moving services, however, if there is a service that we do not directly provide, we will gladly recommend a number of trusted professionals for you to work with.

Toll Free 800-311-9850

Toll Free 800-311-9850

Be Safe, Secure and Insured

Be Safe, Secure and Insured


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