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Packing Tips by NYC 10013 MOVERS - Remarkable MOVERS

Packing Tips

One reason people move is because they have outgrown their home. Everyone has items they have not used in months or years which are taking up space. Prior to your move is an ideal time to start organizing and discarding items you have not used and may not need to move. Unwanted clothing and furniture pieces can always be donated to shelters or religious and charitable organizations, some of who will even pick up the items at your home.

In preparing for your move, set aside important documents and items that may be needed during or immediately after the move, such as plane tickets, passports, medicine, cell phones, and any items excluded under your moving company’s insurance policy. These items could include cash, extra checks, stock certificates, billfolds, handbags, jewelry, prescription drugs, remote controls, cabinet keys, or other valuable personal items.
Remarkable Movers - NYC Moving Company’s quick, professional packing service saves you time and worry and ensures that your belongings survive the move. While packing yourself can save money, most movers including Remarkable Movers - NYC Moving Company will not accept liability for damage to items packed by owners unless the carton is damaged during the move and noted by you at delivery time.
If you are packing yourself, it is never too soon to start. Make sure you pack everything in boxes. Paper and plastic bags are not enough. Don’t reuse any boxes that have been used many times and are starting to wear. Tape carton tops and bottoms. Clearly mark the destination of all cartons on the top and two adjacent sides. Mark as “fragile” as needed.

Before you begin packing, make sure you have plenty of the following essential moving and packing materials on hand. For information on ordering these and other packing supplies from our online packing store, click here:
Appropriately-sized moving boxes
Packing paper for padding interiors of moving boxes and wrapping items (white newspaper- sized sheets without the ink avoids messy stains and damage to your belongings)
Sturdy moving-quality packing tape for sealing moving boxes
Scissors or a tape gun for cutting packing tape (if you are unable to rip tape with your hands)
Black permanent markers for labeling moving boxes

A suitable and comfortable workstation should always be employed to prevent fatigue and strain during the packing portion of a moving job. A kitchen or dining room table maybe used for this purpose. This is much easier than bending over and working off the floor. Always cover the table with a furniture pad or old blanket before placing any paper or items on the exposed surface.

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