Sunday, May 25, 2008

Packing Services by NYC 10013 MOVERS

Packing Services
If you’re seeing all the signs that you won’t have time to pack for your move, let Remarkable Movers - NYC Moving Company handle the packing. We will professionally pack your belongings using the highest quality materials available, and then unpack everything at your new address, removing and recycling the used packing materials. You’ll save time and money.
Once we pack your goods, you have our guarantee they will safely arrive at your new home or office. Remarkable Movers - NYC Moving Company is only responsible for items in our immediate care, and control. Remember, due to licensing and liabilities, remove all jewelry, furs, a collection of any sort, cash, stock certificates, or bonds from your home before the movers arrive. Also remember to remove your keys and purses, which may be inadvertently packed if left in the house.
You can also save money by planning ahead and being prepared when the movers arrive:
Remove mirrors from dressers.
Disassemble beds.
Remove bulbs and lampshades from lamps.
Take down pictures, hanging lamps, hanging plants, etc.
Move small odds and ends, houseplants, golf clubs, and small unpack able items yourself.
Have a general idea of where your items will be placed in your new home or office.
Dispose of items unlikely to be used again.
Remove all trash.
If you feel that you would like to pack for your move yourself, we can provide easy-to-use, quality packing materials through our packing supply delivery service by calling 800-311-9850

Our guarantees will take a load off your mind before we load anything on our trucks.Read more

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