Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Packing For The Holidays

Moving Tips
There has been alot of advice on how to pack all of your different rooms. However, what if you have enough decorations for all of those birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, and other special occasions. I have enough Halloween decorations to fill up an entire closet! I packed all of the decorations separately in boxes and other packing containers that were color coded for the occasion. I even put stickers that coordinated with the theme on the containers. By knowing what special occasion these boxes/containers were for, I could leave them unpacked and stored in the attic, garage, or else where until they were needed. Hint, if you have candles (and I had lots), determine if it might be cheaper to replace. Don’t pack them with all of your other decorations. They are sensitive to heat and may melt or soften into a glob. Same goes for any other similar items. Check out the Lucky Mover website (http://www.luckymover.com/) for other tips and suggestions on packing and storing your items.

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