Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gap Announces Second Annual Casting Call for Kids and Babies

Gap Announces Second Annual Casting Call for Kids and Babies
Baby Gap and Gap Kids Partner with KODAK Gallery
Did you enter your kid in the Gap nationwide contest? Gap is looking for babies and children (4-12) to enter the Gap Casting Call , giving children the chance to become the next face of babyGap and GapKids. Once you have entered the contest, you just have to wait for your call to see if your child will have the chance for stardom. What if your child was selected and you had to move to California where Gap is located? Hire a mover, pack your belongings, cancel the newspaper, put in for a change of address. This is just the start of what you would have to do. Your life has risen on the stress meter overnight. Lucky Mover, a local and long distance moving company headquartered in New York, can make your move stress free. If you have to quickly move a one room apartment or a complete house, the skilled professional staff at Lucky Mover can tackle the job for you. If you need something other than a residential moving company, Lucky Mover can help you there as well. They also provide information and quotes for Auto Transport, Storage Facilities, International Moving, Moving Supplies, Self-Moving Services, and Corporate Moving. Packing for your move is a major task. You can have your moving company do the packing, or in many cases, people will pack themselves. Lucky Mover has trained packers if you need them. They can also unpack your boxes and furniture at your new home. Lucky Mover can help you with moving and packing supplies. Purchasing the right size of boxes for your belongings is an important factor in planning a move. Stress can also be lowered by visiting the Moving Blog. Lots of moving and packing tips can be found at the Moving Blog. Tips range from how to move with pets to moving large appliances. The Moving Blog also has suggestions on finding the right moving company. Luck Mover has many reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. Make sure you know your rights when moving local or long distance. A copy of Your Rights from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration can be found on Lucky Mover’s web site. Lucky Mover can be reached at 1-800-311-9850 or on the web at http://www.LuckyMover.com.

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