Wednesday, September 9, 2009

NY Packers & Movers 10028-10128-10016-10012

If it is important to you - It it is very important to us
The big day is here! Though the actual day of your move can be busy, many of the stresses of moving day can be avoided. New York Best Movers Professionals NY Movers will help you every step of the way.2-3 Days Before Your MoveDefrost your freezer and refrigerator. Prop doors open so they don't accidentally shut. Pack a box of personal items that you will need immediately upon arrival at your new home. Make sure to set this box aside! Contact your New York Best Movers consultant to confirm arrival time of the moving professionals. Notify your North American representative of any last-minute details. Moving Day Make sure that someone is at home to answer the Moving Professionals' questions. Pack special items for your children including snacks, toys and any favorite items. This can be a long and disorienting day for them. Clear walkways and driveways. Remove floor mats and door mats. Remove low-hanging items such as plants or wind chimes. Point out special items to your moving professionals immediately. Read your bill of lading and inventory carefully before you sign them. Make sure you understand all the paperwork and keep it safe until the Moving process is complete. Find out as many details as you can before the driver leaves your residence. Make sure the driver has clear directions to your new residence. Your New York Best Movers driver may give you a delivery estimate. Understand that certain conditions (traffic, weather) can affect delivery times. Try to be flexible. Take one last sweep of your house, checking all closets, the garage, attic, and basement. You don't want to find out that an important (or heavy!) item was left behind. Good Luck & Have a great trip!

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