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Packing Services
When you are moving your home or business, careful packing is as important as the relocation itself. NY Packers Movers offers packing as one of our specialty services. Our staff use special care when handling your items, packing them right assures the best care.
We offer packing services and assistance at all levels—you decide how much or how little help you want. During our free in-home needs analysis we will assess your belongings and outline our packing services. No matter what you choose, we’ll give you tips to help pack your items properly.
To ease your move, you can also get all of your packing supplies through NY Packers Movers. We have right-sized, sturdy boxes designed to protect your belongings during any move. We have special pricing and buy-back options. Give us a call to discuss your packing supplies and how we can meet your needs.
When it comes to packing there are some things you should pack. Some things we should pack. And some things that nobody should pack. Let us help you sort it all out!
Things you should pack Even if you hire us to pack your belonging, there are some items that you need to pack and take with you on your move. Items like medication, private papers, and personal effects should be packed by you and kept with you.
Things we should pack Some packing is best left to professionals. Fragile and valuable belongings such as Grandma’s china, your fine crystal, paintings and artwork are best moved when professionally packed. We have experience protecting special items to assure that they arrive safe. We make custom crates and special cushioning for unique and large-sized items. Call us to find out more about our packing services.
Things that nobody should pack Certain hazardous items and dangerous materials cannot be moved by us or any professional mover. Gasoline, propane fuel, standard household cleaning solutions, and paint should be moved by you or disposed of properly before you relocate. We will give you a list of these items and discuss them with you.
Moving day approaches
Moving day approaches and you've come to realize you haven't taken the proper measures to make sure you’re prepared for the movers.

Did you do enough research on the movers you're getting quotes from? Have they all ready asked for your payment information?

Moving day is all about you and its understandable if at times you've forgotten that movers are people too. They lift heavy things and get hungry and thirsty just like anyone else.

Just by having a couple of bottles of water or some cold sandwiches lying around the house for them will not only brighten their day but it'll make them happier to help you, only leading to a better move of all your possessions.
Moving day can be pretty traumatic if you’re not prepared. If you’re expecting the movers to make executive decisions regarding your own personal belongings, your move could be on the highway to hell. Take some steps to be prepared so the movers won’t be out of control while they’re in your soon-to-be-old home, make a moving checklist.

Moving Supplies: Make sure you have enough boxes and tape for your things to be packaged carefully. Label all the boxes appropriately, i.e., “bathroom materials” and so the movers can go on to execute the perfect pick-up from your old home to the drop-off in your new home. This way the movers know exactly where to go with the designated boxes and you won’t be lugging a box of bathroom supplies from the living room to your bathroom. Make sure to label the boxes with permanent markers so nothing on the boxes that’s noted can be removed.

Food/Drinks: On moving day, of course one of the goals should be to get in the good graces of the movers themselves. Be sure to make a stop at the local drug store or grocery store and have enough water bottles and snack foods so the movers don’t go hungry during your move, put it on your checklist. This will keep your movers happy and a little bit more willing to make sure your move goes well by just a little bit more.

Electronics/Utilities: If you didn’t package your computer equipment or other electronics and decided to leave it up to the movers, make sure to unplug and detach any wires. This will prevent any damage to your items and will lessen the packaging time on those items.

Valuables: Before the movers arrive to your home on moving day, make sure you have all your important valuables packaged and taken somewhere else. Be sure to keep your documents such as your social security card and passport in another place outside of your home, it should be first on your moving checklist. Losing those documents will only lead you to extremely long lines in government offices.

Final Inventory Check: Before the movers drive off from the pick-up location, make sure to do one last walk through of the house with the foremen of the movers to make sure everything that you want to be loaded is on the truck and nothing is left behind. Be sure to go through your moving checklist to make sure everything is correct. Some moving companies are hard to get a hold of in between pick-ups and drop-offs and you don’t want to have to delay the movers again by having them go back to your old home to pick up a couple of boxes. It could only lead to problems.

If you follow these moving tips, your chances of a move with fewer bumps in the road are greatly improved.

Little things like that will help the outcome of your relocation...

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