Thursday, April 10, 2008

Help Your Spouse Cope with the MOVE

Spousal/Partner Relocating: How to Cope with the Move

Help Your Spouse Cope with the Move

If one person in your family is giving up an employment position or moving away from family and friends to support the other partner in their career ambitions, special consideration needs to be made to ensure the move is positive for the entire family.

If you're the one who is moving because of your partner, you may feel like you're getting the raw end of the deal, giving up what you have in order to support your significant other. This can lead to strain in the marriage and to a more difficult time adapting to your new location. While this is quite normal, there are ways that you can make the change a positive move for you.

If you’re the Supportive Spouse/Partner, What Can You Do to Help Adjust to this Move?
1. Seek outside support. Outside help is an option to consider. If you or your spouse is giving up a job without a prospect of employment in the new location, seeking career counseling advice is wise.

This is a great time to assess career expectations and desires or perhaps to start something new. Professional help can assist in determining what is needed and how best to succeed. Specialty advice counselors are available for the purpose of helping spouses relocate. Do a search online or visit a local employment office. Both can direct you to a professional who can help.

2. Find out what the job prospects are in the new location and start building a resource database or spreadsheet of possible employers or networking opportunities.

3. Prepare your resume and reference letters before you leave. Having a completed portfolio, resume and employment package ready will enable you to apply for positions as soon as they become available.

4. Apply to a headhunter. Find local agencies that will accept your resume and start looking for a position for you. Although they will take a cut, this is a good way to get your feet wet in a new location.

5. If your family can survive on one salary, consider volunteering or joining an organization that will allow you to make new friends and provide a network of contacts. Or maybe you're able to telecommute or be self-employed. Internships are also an option if you're seeking a career change.

6. Look at educational opportunities. If you've wanted a career change, find out what is needed to make that leap. Most cities have local colleges or trade schools that can offer advice. Also, check into e-learning programs that allow you to study at home. This can be a great alternative for those not in a major urban area or if the preferred institution is too far away to commute.

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