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Your Local Move Each move is special, with unique elements and requirements. New York Best Movers considers each move differently, factoring dates, times, elevators, and stairs into the final plan. The following basic services can be done singly, or in combination. This is an example of a typical full-service move: Scheduling your move will be priced and scheduled either in person with an on-site estimate or made by New York Best Movers Relocation Consultant, by phone, fax, or e-mail. Inventory A list of all items to be moved will be made for your convenience with your request. Box Delivery Upon your request, the necessary boxes will be dropped off at your home for you to begin packing. Delivery is free. A local move, in most cases, is a move done from city to city within a state or in a 50-mile radius. All local moves are regulated by your state's Department of Transportation (DOT). The industry standard to figure the charges by the man power and by the weight and time. At New York Best Movers we are given an industry-regulated protection of 30 cents per pound per article FREE. Long Distance Move Long distance and commercial move charges are based mainly on the weight of your items and the distance they need to be moved. It just makes sense that moving a sparsely furnished four-room house from New York to WashingtonDC will be cheaper than moving a fourteen room house packed with furniture from Seattle to New York. New York Best Movers fleet of trucks regularly moves goods across the nation. We travel to California and Florida, New York and Canada and all points in between. Our tractor-trailer drivers are carefully selected and complete extensive courses in safe driving practices and proper moving procedures. We are licensed by the US DOT Our storage facilities a New York Best Movers monitored 24 hours a day. We keep our warehouse clean and well maintained. The storage space is fully insured and fire proof. If you want your possessions held in our warehouse, you need to request our storage services. Your foreman will prepare a detailed inventory list and your items be labeled with color-coded stickers assigned to you. Additionally, your items will be wrapped in our moving blankets to safeguard against damage. You are responsible for storage charges as well as warehouse handling and final delivery charges. New York Best Movers warehouse is not mini-storage. You do not have 24 hour access to your goods. To view or remove your goods from our warehouse you must contact us to schedule a time for one our staff members to assist you. In case that are unable to take immediate possession of your new residence, arrangements will be made for your belongings to be stored at a reasonable cost in New York Best Movers warehouse until you are ready. New Listing Moving to a distant city or just down the street, a successful move is dependent on many things and nothing is more important than professional packing. Proper packing is a combination of experience, good old fashioned common sense and proper materials. New York Best Movers ' packers ensure that your possessions will be delivered to your new home secure and safe. Knowledge of the fragile characteristics of your objects and the sensitivity to the sentimental and value of your possessions is uppermost importance to New York Best Movers the packers. We understand your most valued possessions aren't necessarily those with the greatest monetary value. Our packers treat everything with the utmost care. New York Best Movers we do local moves and serve customers in New York City&State, Florida, Texas, California, Maryland, Washington D.C and Virginia. Our company charges on an hourly basis plus travel time. The hourly rate includes a truck, movers, and moving blankets to protect furniture from damages and scratches. Labor: Customers pay per hour. The work time will start when the movers reach the origin until the truck is emptied at the destination. Travel time: This charge covers for our movers to drive from the company to the origin, then to drive from the destination back to our company location. Materials: Packing materials, boxes, tape, etc, are provided by the movers during the move at an additional charge. New York Best Movers provides FREE moving blankets with very move to protect and ensure the safety of your goods. Packing: New York Best Movers offers an optional full or partial packing service charged on an hourly rate basis. New York Best Movers is a full service moving company, and is fully licensed and insured. We offer the basic liability insurance included in the price of the move. Visit our insurance page for more details, or to buy additional insurance. Our customer care representatives and movers are always here to assist you 7 days a week New York Best Movers knows that long distance relocation can be an exciting though stressful experience. You may already have realized that there are so many things to plan, organize and to do, without enough time. New York Best Movers is continuously there for you, to help you to plan your move properly, and to make your relocation as smooth and trouble-free as possible. Moving more than 100 miles from your origin and/or moving that crosses a state line, is considered a long distance move. The two factors that determine your moving cost, is the distance you are moving, and the size of your shipment. In addition to transportation charges, extra factors that can affect the price of your move include:
The mover needs to use stairs, elevator, long carry, or a small shuttle vehicle, etc.
Additional valuation insurance is required.
The mover needs to pack your delicate items.
If you need storage (1 free complimentary month/move) for your items, while you are looking for a new place, or getting settled into your new location.
Our goal is always to provide you with a gratified service on your important and special moving day.
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