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Movers New York = Remarkable Movers

Moving Families Safely
The heart of New York Movers - Remarkable Movers Transfer's moving services is your family and household. New York Movers – Remarkable Movers Transfer is a leader in moving people across the street or around the world, protecting and caring for their possessions until they are safely in their new home. In fact, we consider it an art that is learned through diligence, nurtured by experience and perfected through a commitment to excellence.
We're unsurpassed in household moving. The reasons:
longevity in the business
well-trained people who know what to do
care, experience and knowledge
New York Movers – Remarkable Movers Transfer trains and retrains its professional moving staff so the customer is always well taken care of, from start to finish. The account coordinators, packers, drivers and crew are continually learning better ways to serve you and use new innovations in equipment, packing materials and techniques.
Packing and Securing Valuables
The New York Movers – Remarkable Movers team is taught how to pack all your valuables correctly-dishes, glassware and clothing, bulky items like pianos and fragile pieces like crystal chandeliers. Our trucks are specially designed and equipped to ensure the safe transport of your goods, equipped with air-ride suspension systems to cushion the load throughout the trip. Every item is labeled inventoried and tracked in our state-of-the-art computer system and closely monitored while in transit. And, we exercise the same diligent caution moving you in upon arrival at your new home as we did moving you out. Our customer service coordinators contact you after the move to provide any additional assistance and ensure the move has met your expectations and complete satisfaction.
Innovative Services
We continue to innovate in household moving to meet the demands of regional areas and its challenges. In the New York State, New York Movers – Remarkable Movers Transfer was one of the first companies to buy and support doubles or "pups." Doubles or pups are a set of two smaller trailers pulled behind the motor portion of a moving truck. This allows us to maneuver through more remote regions of the Northwest where larger trucks are unable to go, and in many instances, eliminate using shuttle services which can cause substantial delays and increase the risk of damage and claims.
We offer the best protection against loss and damage available anywhere. Full replacement value coverage and no deductible are standard features when you select insurance through Allied underwriters. And, if claims should arise, we have a stellar record of prompt, fair settlements.
New York Movers – Remarkable Movers is a family owned New York Moving Company in existence since 1976. If you are looking for a New York City or New York State residential moves or corporate relocations, call us at: 800-311-9850 or use our inquiry form here. We not only move within the Portland Metro area, but also throughout the entire United States and internationally.


Office and Industrial Moving & Relocation Services
Growing Business Market
The New York Movers – Remarkable Movers Transfer Office and Industrial Division is growing rapidly. We deliver experience, sophistication, and service with an emphasis on fast response when it comes to moving your corporate offices. Whether it's a five person move or 500, we know how to help you make it easy and painless. We use a consultative approach to help our office and industrial customers plan their moves, consider their options, and save money. We understand that "time is money". Our clients want assurance the move will happen within their time frame. We deliver. We can move your corporate offices to or from New York City, or the entire United States.
New York Movers – Remarkable Movers Transfer brings strength and diversity to the Northwest business market because of our highly trained professional staff, customer focus, and national and international representation. We have moved all kinds of businesses:
manufacturingprofessional servicesbankingmedical
We are noted for our reliability, trustworthiness, and sophistication. We have been doing business in the Northwest region for over 70 years and have been cited numerous times for our outstanding business practices and community leadership


Office and Industrial Services
Record Storage Archives
Security Record Storage and Retrieval
Ensure your information remains safe and confidentialwhether retention is required for 1 year or 15 years.
Controlled Access
Once you specify who can access your records, we will take the appropriate steps to provide those employees with as much , or as little, access as you desire.
Climate-Controlled Environments
Some information requires special climate controls that can be costly and difficult to implement. Our special climate-controlled environments provide complete protection-- saving you time, money and aggravation.
An array of professional, easy-to-use servicesAs your offsite records and information management partners we offer more than storage facilities. We offer the flexibility of record box or individual record file storage for your convenience. There are a variety of professional services including pickup and delivery, inventory and retrieval, storage and destruction. Our goal: to make your information easy to access and easy to use.
Delivery and Pick up Service
We provide the vehicles and manpower needed to pickup and deliver your information. Whether standard timing, a rush job or an emergency, we'll make sure you get your information on time.

Corporate Relocation Request
Now more than ever it's imperative that your business keeps moving forward. And nobody knows that better than you. Because, when it comes to relocating your people, you don't have time to deal with problems like real estate negotiations or special financing. These interruptions stop business. At New York Movers – Remarkable Movers we work diligently to eliminate the bumps that prevent you from running your business smoothly.
It starts with a deep understanding of your operational and personal needs. It goes far beyond trucks, boxes and stretch-wrap. Its insight, trust, integrity and peace of mind. We pride ourselves on delivering individualized relocation solutions that meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of a corporate account. In other words, we stop at nothing to keep you

Single Factor Rate Pricing:
A Blended Discount Single-factor rate pricing uses rate/cost "averages," based on your company's household goods traffic patterns or all New York Movers- Remarkable Movers customer shipments. Through this household goods contract, corporate customers receive significant cost savings in the form of a blended discount off published tariff rates, as well as value-added services.
To provide the utmost benefits for corporate customers, average rates are developed for packing, labor, containers, and transportation charges, based on the cubic size and/or weight of the shipment, as well as the number of miles the shipment will travel.
These rate/cost averages are blended together, becoming a consistent discount, without regard to seasonal or regional pricing changes. As a result, the tariff, audit and cost complexities associated with individual service charges are eliminated.
Value-added services for corporate customers include transit time enhancements (shorter loading and delivery schedules), valuation options (free full replacement insurance up to a stated dollar amount), priority scheduling (commitment of New York Movers – Remarkable Movers 's best drivers and trucks) and superior service (customer satisfaction).
Sample Moving Policies
This section provides the corporate relocation professional with some guidelines in establishing a corporate relocation policy for their company. These sample policies should not be construed as recommendations.
Sample Policy - Long Form
The actual moving of your household goods will be handled for you by (The Company). You should get in touch with your contact person at your unit before making any arrangements for movement of household goods. They will make arrangements with the divisional and local traffic departments to assign a household goods van line to handle your move.
(The Company) has signed Household Goods Transportation Agreements with a number of national van lines. Since these van lines offer substantial discounts to us, a van line from this group should be selected in order to take advantage of these cost savings. The van line's proven performance should also assure you of a smooth relocation.
Allowable Moving Expenses
The following items are allowable moving expenses. If you anticipate any moving expenses other than those listed below, you should discuss them with your contact person prior to your household goods move. Some expenses are noted as being reimbursable with "special approval". In these cases, special approval means approval by the general manager, staff vice president or executive in charge of the unit to which you are transferring.
Packing and unpacking, crating and uncrating of household goods and personal belongings
Freight charges for household goods, personal belongings, autos, motorcycles and trucks With special approval, shipping charges for unusual items, such as a boat or trailer
Installation charges (including plumbing and electrical outlets) for such major appliances as stoves, refrigerators, room air conditioners, washers, dryers, and water softeners, providing you had the same or similar appliances at the former location (installation cost of transmission lines from the utility service to the house circuit or fuse box is not reimbursable)
Charges for installation (labor only) of a television antenna, provided you had an antenna at the previous residence
Tuning and adjustment of a piano, television and stereo set
Charges for "turn-off" of utilities at former residence and charges for "turn-on" of utilities at new residence, excluding meter deposits
Alteration of carpeting and draperies brought from the former residence to fit the new residence
Trash pickup at new residence specifically related to the move
Installation charges for the same number and type of telephones as in previous residence
In addition, the corporation will pay for or reimburse the cost of storing household goods for up to 30 days, if necessary. Reimbursement for storage in excess of 30 days may require special approval.
Moving expenses for which you will NOT be reimbursed include:
Cost of shipping firewood, concrete blocks, bricks or other construction materials
Cost of transporting farm animals, animals owned for investment or as part of a business.
Reimbursement of expenses for the transportation, care and feeding of animals other than household pets requires special approval.
Cost of shipping furnishings of secondary or vacation homes
Movement of personal airplanes, as well as the cost of gas, oil, etc., if you have the airplane flown to the new location
Cost of removing or installing built-in cabinets or appliances
Cost of disassembling and assembling a workshop, photographic darkroom, playhouse, etc.
Additional help not supplied by contracted movers
Sanding floors at new residence
Cleaning carpets or draperies
Cost of installing curtain rods, drapes, window shades, yard lights, or gas grills
Purchase of antenna or rotors
Decorating, painting or repairing at the old or new residence
Installation of new door locks.
It will not be necessary for you to obtain in-transit insurance in excess of the van line's standard liability coverage because trip transit insurance is provided automatically at the corporation's expense. This insurance is provided by (The Company) and covers your household goods and personal effects while in transit and while in storage. Company policy automatically provides continuous coverage against physical loss or damage to your household goods from the time the shipment commences the transit at your home (or other point of shipment), until the time the shipment arrives at your new home - including incidental storage.
If your goods are not shipped by a van line and are transported by you, company policy provides coverage for loss and damage caused by fire, lightning, theft, attempted theft, vandalism, cyclone, tornado, windstorm, earthquake, flood, explosion, falling objects, collision or overturning of the conveyance while in your own care, custody and control.
You should advise your contact person if you need specific information concerning items covered and excluded under this insurance policy which is not summarized below:
Goods insured include: Personal effects, household furniture and equipment common to a household and owned by you and/or members of your immediate family, including automobiles and motorcycles, if shipped by a van line.
Goods not insured include: Animals of any kind, personal papers such as receipts, accounts or bills, currency, deeds, evidence of debt, notes, bonds, securities, shipments by mail, perishable foods, passports, airline or other tickets, bullion, accompanied baggage, household plants, and automobiles, motorcycles, or other vehicles while being driven over the road and boats or other watercraft being towed or while under their own power in navigable water.
Exclusions include: (1) Moths, vermin, insects, gradual deterioration, wear and tear, and inherent vice; (2) War risks on land; (3) Expenses incurred by you for the time involved in preparing and presenting the claim.
When there are items of unusually high value, or of a fragile nature, you should specifically request special handling and attention in packing by the mover. Items particularly susceptible to damage, such as TV sets, stereo equipment, pianos, refrigerators, freezers, etc. are not usually covered for internal damage unless there is visible and certain evidence of external damage.
Your contact person will provide you with a Household Inventory form, which you will need to complete in order to state the value of all articles that will be contained in your shipment. Categories of items such as clothing may be grouped. Sets of items, such as china, crystal and silverware should be piece-counted and valued. If any of your household possessions are to be placed in storage, a separate list covering those items should be prepared, indicating individual values and the address of the storage warehouse. These inventories must be submitted before you move.
When your household goods arrive at your new location, it is important that you look at all the boxes, crates, etc. Anything obviously dented, wet, torn, or otherwise damaged, should be opened first.
1. Write down the inventory number listed on the box. 2. Sort out its contents for damage.
If you discover damaged items, such as broken glass where the damage will not accelerate or the condition of the affected items will not further deteriorate, set the crates and the damaged goods aside for possible inspection by the insurance company. In all cases, save the carton whenever possible.
When your household goods have been unloaded, the mover or agent will present a receipt for you to sign. This should have all the carton numbers on it and a space to note their condition on arrival. It is important that you make note of any damage and losses before you sign the delivery receipt. If you have been unable to check the condition of all contents, indicate on the delivery receipt that the condition of your property is subject to further inspection.
Since only losses and/or damages in transit are covered by insurance, it is important that all cartons and boxes be opened as soon as possible in order to establish that the loss and/or damage occurred in transit. Any delay in reporting loss or damage in transit could result in the insurance company's taking a longer time to process your claim. Save whatever evidence is necessary to support your claim.
Unless your contact person has directed you otherwise, there are several steps you must follow in order to be reimbursed:
1. Since the moving company responsible for the loss or damage is entitled and obligated to do everything possible to restore your affected goods in the interest of minimizing the loss, notify the moving company immediately, preferably in writing. The van line will forward to you a claim form and/or have a representative inspect your goods for the purpose of restoring them and/or compensating you in accordance with their statutory liability. Complete the claim form and return promptly to the moving company, along with any related documentation or correspondence that will support or demonstrate your claim. Should you have any questions concerning your claim, please contact (The Company). 2. If your claim is denied by the moving company or the settlement does not cover the entire loss, please forward the following documents to (The Company):
a.) All correspondence with the van line, including the statement of claim; b.) Valued household inventory; c.) Bill of Lading/Freight Bill; d.) Signed delivery receipt; e.) Copies of all invoices and repair estimates.
Payment will be made directly to you.
Sample Policy - Short Form
At least four weeks before you expect to move into your new home, you must contact your Relocation Coordinator. At that time a van line will be selected to help you coordinate your move.
Almost everything you need to move will be moved at (The Company's) expense. This includes household goods that need to be packed and unpacked, pictures and mirrors that need to be crated, all reasonable items of furniture, furnishings, clothing, appliances, small tools and equipment.
Such items as houseplants, animals and pets, frozen food, construction material, firewood, boats over 14 feet, house and utility trailers will not be included.
If you don't want to drive your cars yourself, (The Company) may provide a professional driving service to move them to your new location. Or, a car can be loaded on a moving van - provided its wholesale (blue book) value exceeds the cost of shipping.
If you do drive your cars yourself, (The Company) will reimburse you for the rate-per-mile allowance plus tolls. Submit an expense report to (The Company) with available documentation.
Your Relocation Coordinator will order insurance to cover your household goods during transit. Usually, the goods are insured at a value of 60 cents per pound for any goods damaged or lost. (The Company) will pay for any loss or damage over 60 cents per pound.
If you have antiques or other irreplaceable items of high value, (The Company) may pay for the additional coverage needed. However, you must receive prior approval from your Relocation Coordinator and you must also pay to have the antiques appraised. If you want to purchase additional coverage over and above (The Company's) recommendation, you may do so at your own expense.
Short Term Storage Services
Short Term Storage
We offer storage in secure storage warehouses, on the moving van or on the warehouse floor for our short term storage clients. Short term is defined as one day to sixty days.
All of your goods are prepared and securely placed in our heated warehouses. Generally, we offer pricing for short term storage based on a daily cost, 1/2 monthly cost, van rental fee cost, or cost per hundred pounds.
The estimator will usually explain the options, and help us decide what will work best for your relocation.
Long Term Storage Services
Long Term Storage
We offer secure storage for all of your goods, and each is inventoried and placed into wooden storage vaults. The fee is calculated by 1/2 month and daily charges for any shipment requiring storage past sixty (60) days.
The goods are all wrapped in pads, securely stored and each vault has an indication of the contents. Our warehouse is climate controlled and secure because long term storage can cover an extended period of time. In fact we have clients that have been keeping possessions in storage for fifteen years.
Because your goods are entered into our inventory system, we are able to retrieve exactly the item you need. For instance, if you need to have a desk sent to you we will find it by the item number in just a matter of minutes.
We can pull and retrieve even the largest items for you in less than 30 minutes, in most cases. So whether it is a box, bed, piece of furniture or a bicycle, we can get it out for you quickly and with very little expense.

Office and Industrial Services
Furniture and Warehousing
Between expansions? New York Movers can provide warehousing and storage for your office furniture or extra equipment.
Safe, Secure Storage
New York Movers Transfer, with the support of Allied Distribution Services, can provide single-source record storage and warehousing program for our clients' needs that bolster the capabilities of our Special Products Division. After experiencing our more traditional moving capabilities, clients find they can trust New York Movers – Remarkable Movers Transfer with our careful, safe, storage and maintenance of valuable equipment and materials. We also provide delivery on-site, as-needed, to any location.
Our storage includes records, special products, non-toxic chemicals, furniture, fixtures, and equipment for retail stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and offices. Upon delivery, we can install new furniture. Our transportation is supported with air ride flatbeds, intermodal and general commodities transportation.
Our warehouse is secured, with sprinklers and fire alarms. We provide any storage term as short or as long as you may need for any given project. New York Movers – Remarkable Movers Transfer can provide you with
project management
move management
space planning
design and layout
Project coordination with other subcontractors.

Our state of the art facilities allow you to store and retrieve items through our warehousing service. Your business can maximize space with our file storage and retrieval services, or for temporary placement of office equipment and furnishings. Your valuable family possessions can be kept dry and warm while waiting to be carefully transferred to your new home.
You've just found the flexibility and expertiseto solve your transportation and warehousing challenges.
In addition to moving and storage services, Blue Bird Transfer specializes in working with corporate accounts. We do office furniture installation, local and long distance moving, file storage and retrieval, international shipping, transfers, and much more. Our local moving services focus on the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver Washington metro areas.

Moving Tips
Moving Overview Checklist
One Month before Moving
Fill out change of address order form for the post office.
Fill out an IRS change of address form.
Make arrangements with your moving company (Blue Bird-Allied) or reserve your dates.
Make travel arrangements, if necessary, with airlines, buses, car rental agencies and hotels. Ask your mover if they have discounts at hotel partner locations.
Transfer memberships in churches, clubs and civic organizations.
Obtain medical and dental records, x-rays and prescription histories. Ask doctor and dentist for referrals and transfer prescriptions.
Set up a checking account in your new city. Ask your mover if they have banking partners in your new city.
Check into the laws and requirements of your new city regarding home-based businesses, professional tests, business licenses and any special laws that might be applicable to you.
Take inventory of your belongings before they're packed, in the event you need to file an insurance claim later. If possible, take pictures or video tape your belongings. Record serial numbers of electronic equipment.
Make arrangements for transporting pets.
Start using up open food items, so that there is less left to pack and possibly spoil.
One to Two Weeks before Moving
Switch utility services to new address. Inform electric, disposal, water, newspaper, magazine subscription, telephone and cable companies of your move.
Arrange for help on moving day.
Confirm travel reservations.
Reserve elevator if moving to or from an apartment.
Have appliances serviced for proper and safe moving.
Clean rugs and clothing and have them wrapped for moving.
Plan ahead for special needs of infants.
Close bank accounts by making a wire transfer of funds to your new bank. Before closing, be sure there are no outstanding checks or automatic payments that haven't been processed.
Collect valuables from safe-deposit box. Make copies of any important documents before mailing or hand carry them to your new address.
Check with your insurance agent to ensure you'll be covered through your homeowner's or renter's policy during the move.
Defrost freezer and refrigerator. Place deodorizer inside to control odors.
Give a close friend or relative your travel route and schedule so you may be reached if needed.
On Moving Day
Double check closets, drawers, shelves, attic and garage to be sure they are empty.
Carry important documents, currency and jewelry yourself, or use registered mail.
Carry traveler’s checks for quick, available funds.
After Arriving At New Home
Renew your driver's license, auto registration and tags.
Shop around for new insurance policies, especially auto coverage.
Revise your will and other legal papers to avoid longer probate and higher legal fees.
Locate the hospitals, police stations, veterinarian and fire stations near your home.
Change of Address
Use a change of address form (available at the post office) to make sure all your friends, family and business associates have your new address. Also use it to note the phone numbers of your new utility companies, insurance agents and other organizations in your new location.
Packing Tips
For best results, hire a professional moving company.
If you pack yourself - keep the following supplies handy for packing: Boxes, marking pen, bubble wrap, newspaper and tissue.
Tape and scissors
Tape measure
Use strong boxes or containers that can be secured tightly and closed. Purchase boxes from moving companies for dishes, clothes and other fragile or special items.
Pack audio-video equipment in their original boxes. Label cables and tighten transit screws. If removing screws, tape them to the objects they are removed from.
Avoid loading more than 40 pounds into one box.
Label each box and indicate the following: (a) Which room it should go in (b) Your name (c) If it should be loaded last so it will be unloaded first.
Cushion contents with packing material such as bubble wrap, newspaper or tissue. Save room by using towels and blankets to wrap fragile items.
Pack books tightly on end in small boxes. If musty smelling, sprinkle talcum powder between the pages and wrap the book before packing. Leave stored for a couple of months to eliminate the smell.
Have rugs and draperies cleaned before moving and leave them in wrappings for the move.
Pack medicines in a plastic bag or container.
Carry valuables with you.
Check with your local U.S. Department of Agriculture for regulations regarding moving plants from one state to another. Many states have restrictions on certain plants to prevent importing bugs or pests that can destroy valuable cash crops.
Moving House Plants
A Couple of Weeks before You Move
Prune plants to facilitate packing. Consult a florist or a plant book for instructions.
Week before Your Move
Place your plants in a black plastic bag, along with a bug/pest strip, conventional flea collar or bug powder. Close the bag and place in a cool area overnight to kill any pests on the plant or in the soil.
The Day before Your Move
Place the plants in cardboard containers. Hold them in place with dampened newspaper or packing paper. Use paper to cushion the leaves and place a final layer of wet paper on top to keep them moist. If you must leave your plants behind, then take cuttings. Put them in a plastic bag with wet paper towels around them.
On The Day of Your Move
Set the boxes aside and mark "DO NOT LOAD" so they won't be taken on the moving van. Close the boxes and punch air holes in the top before loading into your car.
When Moving
Park your car in a shaded area in the summer and a sunny spot in the winter.
Upon Arrival
Unpack the plants as soon as possible after arrival. Remove plants through the bottom of the box to avoid breaking the stems. Do not expose the plants to much sunlight at first. Let them get gradually accustomed to more light.
Moving Garden Plants
Research climate and soils of new home.
Seeds - gather and store in an airtight container.
Bulbs - dig up during their natural dormant season. Pack in a mixture of loose dry peat moss and vermiculite to provide a lightweight and protective transport medium.
Garden tools - sharpen blades of clippers, lawn mowers and shears and apply a thin coating of household or motor oil to protect the paint and metal parts. Clean and disinfect rakes, hoes and sprinklers. Household bleach can be used to disinfect a variety of items.
Plants - some plants can be dug up and transplanted.
Moving Pets
Following are tips for moving your pets to their new home.
Cats and Dogs
Cats and dogs can be taken in your car. If so, remember to take along the following items:
A leash for letting your pet out of the car
Newspaper or sheets to keep your car clean
Animals can get car-sick and will require frequent stops along the way. Also, check ahead to see if the hotel where you are staying allows pets. Depending on the animal's temperament and size, it might be better to have it shipped by air. Be sure to check if your destination has any local requirements or restrictions on animals.
To have your pet shipped by air, make sure someone can meet your pet at the destination airport and take care of it until you arrive. A kennel can do this for you and keep your pet until you have completed your move, if necessary.
If you are flying to your new destination, your cat or dog can ride in the baggage compartment. You may need the following items:
Health certificate. Obtain this from your veterinarian.
Pet container. The airline might have a special container available or you can use your own as long as it complies with airline regulations.
Tranquilizers. Your vet can provide tranquilizers to be given to your pet immediately before going to the airport.
Your scent. Your pet can be comforted by having a piece of cloth with your scent on it.
Smaller Animals
Hamsters, birds and other small animals can easily be transported in your car. To help keep the animals calm and quiet, cover cages with a cloth. Also, make sure they have food and water available.
It can be very impractical and risky to move fish. Check with your local pet store for recommendations on moving your specific type of fish.
About Moving Companies

Inquire about their on-time record and other complaints with the local Better Business Bureau or consumer complaints department.
Movers are limited by law regarding what they can give you for lost or damaged goods. Make sure your moving partner has a good insurance policy. Signing contracts can give you extra protection.
A standard gratuity is $10-$15 per crew member if they do a good job $0 if they are not good. Get a bid for your interstate move or an estimate for your local move and make sure that it is in writing.
Ask for the number of hours expected for the local move services. For the bid, you want a guaranteed cost.
Be sure all charges are listed on your bill of lading.
Inform your moving company of stairs, elevators or difficult access for their equipment. Cross country moving vans are 70 feet in length and 13 feet tall.
Watch loading and unloading by the crew and examine items carefully on delivery, check off the inventory (interstate or storage related moves) as your goods are removed from the truck.
Document an inventory of your belongings before you pack.
Protecting the Environment
Following are some general suggestions to help you protect the environment before, during and after your move
Sweep instead of hosing down driveways.
Use sand or kitty litter instead of salt on icy sidewalks.
Minimize paved surfaces on property and retain as much vegetation and rural wetlands as possible.
Use water-based products rather than solvent-based.
Reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides - use mulch and organic fertilizers instead.
Mow lawn frequently to increase grass shoot density.
Rinse disposable diapers before throwing them away.
Turn off the water while brushing teeth.
Recycle cardboard boxes.
Use phosphate-free laundry detergent.
Recycle whenever possible.
Automobile & Traveling
Keep your car tuned.
Recycle and dispose of oil safely.
Wash your car on grass.
Don't litter.
Non-hazardous and non-recyclable.
Call the Solid Waste Division in your county for disposal instructions and transfer stations in your area.
Recyclable Material
Aluminum cans, papers, appliances.
Call the Solid Waste Division/Recycling in your county for instructions.
Hazardous Wastes
Paints, oil, pesticides, dyes, coolants.
Call the Solid Waste Division/Hazardous Wastes in your county for instructions.

International Moving Tips
Company Relocation Policy
Your company's relocation policy probably has a given weight allowance for ocean transport, which generally covers the relocation expenses of a typical household. An additional allotment may be provided for air freight transport of items that your family will need immediately upon arriving in your destination country (i.e., essentials that can't wait) until your sea-bound shipment arrives. If your moving needs exceed your company's allotments, the excess items can be moved at your expense or placed in storage. New York Movers – Remarkable Movers International will provide you with a detailed estimate of the costs so that you can decide how you want to handle an overage situation.
If needed, your company may pay for the storage of some of your household goods for a defined length of time while you're away on your assignment abroad. As an alternative to storage, if there are items you won't need or can't use at destination, you might want to consider selling them instead; it may be more cost effective, and the money you get for your unneeded items will certainly come in handy.
Country Information
Since every country has its own laws and customs, it's a good idea to study the etiquette and customs of your destination country beforehand. This will help you avoid any inadvertent problems after you've relocated. The country's consulate is an excellent source of this information. The U.S. embassy of your new country can provide a list of schools that are referred to as American schools that follow the traditional U.S. curriculum and provide all instruction in English. Health care around the world is different in every country, in terms of how it's managed. Also, the consulate or U.S. State Department can advise you on what the current situation is regarding health care for foreign nationals in the country you're moving to.
Restricted Items
There are often strict restrictions on what you can and cannot take across the host country's borders. Guns, alcohol, controlled substances, and even certain types of literature are strictly prohibited in certain nations. Your New York Movers – Remarkable Movers International relocation coordinator can discuss this with you well in advance of your move. To find out about specific customs information for the country you are moving to, click here. Some of your appliances and other electrical items may not work in your new home, or may need special adapters. Ask your New York Movers – Remarkable movers International coordinator which types of electrical devices typically can't be used outside the U.S.
Visas / Passports
You'll want to be in touch with the consulate of the country to which you're relocating, to obtain all of the legal documents and permits that allow your immigration to the new country. You can obtain your passport application by simply paying a visit to your local post office. You'll need two (2) specially-sized photos and a copy of your birth certificate. Complete your application well in advance, allowing at least 2-3 weeks for processing and delivery. The consular representative can advise you as to whether or not visas are required and how to obtain them. Work permits also may be required; if so, they must be obtained before leaving the country.
Personal Records / Valuables / Documents
You and your family should get complete medical and dental check-ups prior to your move, so that all of your records are current and up-to-date. Obtain all personal records-e.g., prescriptions and medical records, school transcripts, marriage and birth certificates, vehicle registrations, etc.-and carry them personally. Valuables from safe deposit boxes, jewelry boxes, and dresser drawers should be carried with you as well.
Vaccinations / Inoculations
You may need immunizations, inoculations, or booster shots before moving overseas, and your children will most likely need them to enroll in school; you can find out what inoculations are necessary by calling the consular representative of your destination country or the U.S. Public Health Service Quarantine Division. Also check with the consular representative of the country to which you're moving about required inoculations. The U.S. Public Health Service can advise you about optional immunizations.
Air Freight
Set aside the items you will ship by air -specifically the essentials that you'll need prior to the arrival of your other goods. Make a list of items you should carry with you on your trip-e.g., jewelry, passports, visas, prescriptions, etc.
Financial Matters
As an American citizen living overseas, you'll have to deal with U.S. and foreign tax obligations. Most large, international accounting and consulting firms have departments that specialize in overseas planning for all your financial and tax needs. Close charge accounts that you won't use overseas, as well as savings and checking accounts. Consult the overseas representative at your local bank about currency exchange rates, letters of credit, transfer of funds, etc.
Transit Protection
Consider what it would cost to replace your goods overseas when calculating what you'll need in terms of transit protection. In the unlikely event that a claim should arise on your insurance with New York Movers – Remarkable Movers International, we will arrange for repairs or replacement as soon as possible. All claims are settled directly with Allied International, thereby eliminating the need to deal with an indifferent third party. To submit a claim, you will need to fill out a Claim form.
Before moving your pet, schedule an examination by a veterinarian, who may suggest a tranquilizer or some other measure to make your pet more comfortable during the trip. Obtain copies of your pet's health and rabies vaccination records, and update identification tags. When shipping a pet by air, contact the airline well in advance to check regulations and services, and to make reservations. If possible, book a week-day flight during slack periods when there's more room in the plane's cargo compartment. Also, try to book a direct flight to reduce the amount of time your pet will be confined. Select a portable air-transport kennel that's large enough for your pet to stand and move around. Let your pet get accustomed to it well in advance of the trip. Mark the container "Live Animal," and affix a label that includes your pet's name, new address and phone number, and special handling instructions.
Personal Travel Arrangements
Make all travel arrangements and obtain your tickets well in advance. Familiarize yourself with alternate travel options.
Change of Address Notification
Send change-of-address cards to the post office, social security office, insurance companies, relatives, friends, etc.
Public Utilities
Don't forget to notify the telephone, gas, cable, electric, and water companies, as well as newspaper delivery service, garbage pickup, and anyone else who should know when to discontinue service.
Questions along the Way
When questions arise, your New York Movers – Remarkable Movers International relocation coordinator should be the first person you ask. They're your "single source" to handle everything, from start to finish. Settling in Check in with the U.S. Embassy as soon as possible after your arrival. They can answer questions, and assist you in local registration and any other official procedures.

International Relocation Features and Benefits
Size and Scope of our International Moves
Feature: New York Movers – Remarkable Movers International is the largest and most-respected provider of relocation services worldwide, with wholly-owned and franchisee operations in key business markets in 35 countries and long-time, reciprocal relationships with trusted representatives around the globe.
Benefit: Except for those countries where sanctions have been imposed, there's virtually nowhere that New York Movers – Remarkable Movers International can't service your relocation needs.
"World-Class" Performance Standards
Feature: Based on "best practices" identified throughout our worldwide network, New York Movers – Remarkable Movers International's "Project: World-Class" specifies and defines the procedures and materials required to assure the well-being of our customers' prized possessions.
Benefit: The same top-quality service that you receive here in the U.S. will be matched by the New York Movers – Remarkable Movers International representative in your new location overseas.
Volume Purchasing Power / Price and Service Leverage
Feature: As the largest trading partner of many of our suppliers, New York Movers – Remarkable Movers International is able to command premiere, preferential service at competitive prices.
Benefit: This is your assurance that your shipment will be handled in the most timely, cost-efficient manner possible—without any sacrifice in service quality.
Experience / Knowledge / Demonstrated Expertise
Feature: New York Movers – Remarkable Movers International has been taking care of the international relocation needs of families on the move longer than anyone else in the industry. In addition to management personnel who have an average of 15 years of experience, every member of our team has demonstrated expertise that comes from being entrusted with the prized possessions of more families each year than any other international moving company.
Benefit: New York Movers – Remarkable Movers International has the experience, expertise, and resources necessary to ensure you of the best international relocation services available.
Specialized Export Packing and Crating
Feature: Preparing your goods for transport overseas requires skill, special materials, and lots of extra care and attention. That's why all New York Mover – Remarkable Movers International crews have extensive training and experience in the use of specialized handling, packing, and crating techniques and materials to make sure that everything arrives at destination in the exact same condition as at origin.
Benefit: The professionals at New York Movers – Remarkable Movers International take extra care to safeguard your property from shock and vibration, as well as humidity and temperature extremes while in transit.
Comprehensive Move Management
Feature: From start to finish, every facet of your New York Movers –Remarkable Movers International move is coordinated through one person.
Benefit: The International Relocation Consultant (IRC) assigned to your move is available for answers and advice to any questions or concerns that you might have before, during, and after your move. You can count on your IRC for a wealth of helpful information on your destination country—shipping regulations, local customs and cultures, educational and recreational opportunities, climate, and much more—so that you know what to expect and can start to feel at home even before you get there.
Communications / Tracking
Feature: New York Movers - Remarkable Movers International employs the latest technology to accurately monitor every move. We can provide you with instant updates on when ships have sailed, when goods have cleared customs, and when deliveries are scheduled.
Benefit: Scheduled "prompts" and reminders ensure optimum control every step of the way, making certain that all preparations have been made for every facet of the moving process and that each is completed—and communicated to all concerned parties—with optimum proficiency.
Transit Protection / Claim Settlement
Feature: In addition to the care and expert handling that New York Movers - Remarkable Movers International affords to a customer's prized possessions, we offer comprehensive transit protection—including full-replacement-value coverage—as an extra safeguard against loss or damage.
Benefit: Once you arrive in your new home, we're there to see that all of your expectations have been met. If a claim should arise on your insurance with us, we'll arrange for repairs or replacement as quickly as possible. All claims are settled directly with New York Movers - Remarkable Movers International, thereby eliminating the need to deal with an indifferent third party.
Customer Satisfaction
Feature: At New York Movers - Remarkable Movers International, our overriding commitment is to minimize the concerns and uncertainties often associated with a move to a foreign location. To that end, we offer a variety of value-added programs and services—all of them designed to help ease the transition for families on the move internationally.
Benefit: It all adds up to the most valuable thing that New York Movers - Remarkable Movers International can deliver to you as our customer . . . peace of mind.

International Relocation Services
The world's largest network of agents in the world today with locations in: Australia, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Uganda, Thailand, Taiwan, Sweden, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Spain, South Korea, South Africa, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, Romania, Hungary, India, Poland, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Luxembourg, Malaysia and Mexico.
We provide consistent, top quality service from start to finish with single source control of your shipments from origin to destination. Which is why we say New York Movers – Remarkable Movers Transfer is “Virtually everywhere on the planet???"
International Partners
New York Movers – Remarkable Movers Transfer is a partner in the largest and most integrated international relocation network that's unrivaled in the industry. New York Movers – Remarkable Movers International Moving Services is recognized as the world's leading mover with more corporations putting their trust in our international relocation system than any other mover. With an unparalleled reputation and consistently high quality moves, we're moving families and companies 25,000 times a year, and growing.
One Standard of Excellence
One company responsibility-the value of New York Movers – Remarkable Movers Transfer’s relationship is the continuity of service and quality standards nationally and internationally. Whether you live in San Francisco, New York, Milan, Tokyo or London, you will experience the same standards in packing, containerization, scheduling, delivery, documentation and customs requirements. And, you will work with the same company from origin to destination.
We don't forget who we're working for and we take care in packing and unpacking, maintaining timeliness in transporting your goods and always being courteous. New York Movers – Remarkable Movers Transfer follows theses standards so rigorously; we are repeatedly sought after by our corporate relocation partners and other Allied agents to handle challenging international moves.
Our partnership with the International Group extends our representation in over 330 locations overseas. On-site specialists are ready and able to help relocating families with complete information about delivery schedules, local customs, cultures, business practices, schools, climate and more. When you rely on New York Movers – Remarkable Movers Transfer for overseas moving, you've got the strength of a worldwide company behind every shipment.
Effective Technology Undergirds our International Relocations
One of the important keys to successful international moving is effective technology and communications. Each hour, our international experts are on top of the continually changing rates and global regulations. Our on-line international shipment tracking system, Strategic Customer Advisory Network (SCAN! ™) which is the most advanced international shipment tracking system in the world, links agents with up-to-the-minute data on all shipments. Overseas, our network is connected by International Moving and Tracking System which monitors all shipments worldwide.
Our international operations are part of SIRVA, a $2.2 billion diversified transportation, service and distribution company. This gives us the capability to provide financial stability, innovation, moving expertise and the purchasing power leverage to command premier service from suppliers around the world.

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